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Last week, I got back from Cali, worked a couple of days, and then went home to NC for Thanksgiving. Got a call from Duke. They wait listed me. Well, at least I didn't get an outright rejection. So, I guess I'll have to wait another year.

Ate like a hog at home. Yes, I admit it. I am beyond spoiled when I go home. Saw one of my mother's friends who just got a pacemaker installed. I am happy to say that she is making a fast recovery. My mom made friends with a Taiwanese research scientist who had been at NIH for 6 months. She was gonna leave last Sunday, and had not seen anything but NIH for a whole 6 months. What a typical Chinese trait! LOL So, I drove them to see a little bit of the Capital in Raleigh, Duke University and UNC.

I played video games at Greg's place last weekend.

He just got the Xbox. But, I wanted to play the new Metal Gear game. Later, Greg introduced me to Grand Theft Auto! What a great game! I loved it and played for who knows how many hours. Oh by the way, you can always tell when I play video games because I develop fat pimples! Darn it "" when is that crap gonna end! Got back last Saturday to really bad business news. I really need your prayers right now for wise and fast business executions. Storm is coming! I just hope I have the constitution and resources to withstand this storm. Yo, you better pray. Or, I may come after your job! LOL I left for Atlanta late Sunday, and arrived around 2:00 AM. I set the alarm clock for 7 AM. But, I over slept! Shoottt! I woke up around...