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When men approach different women, they have a different sense of relationships. Each woman falls into a different category whether it is just plain old friendship or a hard core relationship. After interviewing a number of males, I came up with a few categories that they place the women in their lives in, as well as a better understanding of how they think. Men form opposite sex friendships in different styles. These friendships do full fill different needs, form and function.

The first category is considered the "hook-up" category. These are the women that they have crossed paths with at one time or another. They have exchanged phone numbers with these women; however, they do not consider them a friend. You are simply someone he met at the mall, club, concert or even a friend's party. He will never let you too close to him. Another words, you will never really have the opportunity to truly get to know him .He

will never introduce you to any of his friends nor family members. Your relationship is very temporary. This type of a relationship is mainly based on physical attraction and nothing more.

The next category of women are defined as "associates." These are women in which your paths will cross due to similar interests. For example, a ball game, night -club, shows and or parties. The two of you do not have long indephth conversations. You are the girl that he sits next to in history class. When he sees you in the hall he will always say hello. When you and this person do talk it is never about anything personal. His thoughts are always on having sex with you and he is just waiting for the right time to make his move. You are at the perfect level because when you are at this level you have the ability to become more. He will not reveal any personal parts of his life with you. He does not have all of his associates phone numbers memorized but he does know them they are in a book some where so that if he ever wants to talk to you about something he can. You ex -girl friend can quckly fall into this category. These are your female buddies so to speak that you will drink, and party with. They will even hook you up with their friends. You are such cool friends that you can spend the night without any sexual activity; however, the sexual tension is still there.

The final category that men tend to place different women in is one that we are all most familiar with. This is the "girl friend" category. This is your number one love interest. This woman is a little bit from all of the previous categories and more. If you are in this category then you are in a better position than any of the others. This relationship is based on more than physical attraction. The man really cares about how the woman feels and thinks; and most importantly, what she is like on the inside rather than the outside.

As you can see, men have a different perspective on opposite sex relationships. Whereas most women base their male friendships on a platonic level, almost all of the men that I interviewed had a hidden agenda. In other words, they didn't have a single female friend that they would not consider sleeping with. In their minds you need to go through all of these stages before becoming their official girl friend. As far as men are concerned there is no such thing as a platonic relationship because sexual tension exists in every opposite sex relationship.