A “merciless” Sun Overbearing A “fertile Andalusia”

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ENGLISH ESSAY: A "merciless"� sun overbearing a "fertile Andalusia"� "The White man, merely because he has ruled us for a period of our history, will continue to have for us that feeling of contempt the strong have for the weak."� (p.60) Tayeb Salih's Season of Migration to the North extensively embodies Edward W. Said's complex notion of "Orientalism."� Throughout his novel, Salih unwillingly explores the many interdependent issues explained in Said's erudite interpretation of the term "Orientalism"� by vividly depicting a certain uneven connection between the Eastern and Western civilizations. Indeed, Salih's linkage of these two major entities is analytically corroborated by Said, who similarly reveals their true relationship and the sophisticated and transparent nature of their bond. Salih subtly envelopes Said's concept of "Orientalism"� in his work through motivating plot, significant characterization, striking symbolism, powerful diction, bright metaphors as well as many other literary devices.

Firstly, Edward Said's description of a "basic distinction between East and West"� significantly captures the root of Tayeb Salih's novel, for the entire core of his work is based upon this element. According to Said's developed principles, Salih is then evidently one of the many writers who recognize this massive differentiation as an origin for intense elaboration. This is notably apparent to the reader tackling Salih's novel. Salih drastically highlights the colossal division of the East as opposed to the West in such instances as in Mustafa Saeed's discovered diary notes; his opening line announces "To those who see with one eye, speak with one tongue and see things as either black or white, either Easter or Western."� (p.150) This associative analogy connecting colors and regions has a purpose of adding emphasis to the major separation the author establishes.

However, Tayeb Salih's literary work contributes much...