Mercy Killing

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Freedom of choice As with other freedoms guaranteed under most of the constitutions of the civilized Western world; freedom of choice is a fundamental privilege enjoyed by all citizens of the West. However; due to the indifference of law makers in not imposing restrictions or boundaries to such freedoms; particularly during the last decade; unethical and highly controversial practices such as euthanasia; 'compassionately' referred to as mercy killing, or death with dignity is unfortunately gaining ground. The United States has been experiencing something of a boom in so-called angels of death. These are doctors or medical professionals who stalk hospitals and nursing -home corridors searching quietly for the sickest and most defenseless patients. There are several reported instances involving former respiratory therapists, former physicians, hospice nurses and even psychiatrists formally implicated in these killings.

It is argued that since everyone has a right to life; then by the same token, everyone has a right to death.

Religious and ethical objections notwithstanding; even the Hippocratic tradition standing over the past two millennia on the sanctity of life; is no longer of any significance to the advocates of such notions. Sanctity of human life is under intense attack in this country as we have seen since those bad old days when the likes of Senator Calhoun promoted slavery as a positive good. Indeed our country is currently steeped in a "culture of death" in which dying -and killing-is promoted by bioethicists and assisted-suicide advocates as acceptable answers to the individual difficulties associated with serious illness and disability and the emotional and financial hardships. We have actually gotten to the point where bioethics hold that people with a "lower" quality of life have less moral value than "normal" adults.

Over fifty years ago, German doctors and the courts have collaborated to identify and...