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Adam Sanderman Writing About Point Of View The point of view that is used in Franz Kafka's short story "The Metamorphosis" is that of a Third Person narrator. The narrator of the story is not a character who appears in the story, but is a witness to all of the events. The type of narration in "The Metamorphosis" changes once in the story. At the beginning of the story, the narrator is a subjective, limited omniscient narrator. The narrator is able to display to the reader all of the thoughts and feelings of the protagonist Gregor Samsa. The narrator is not able to depict to the reader the feelings of the other members of the Samsa family to the reader. The reader of "The Metamorphosis" images of the Samsa family are those which are held in the mind of Gregor Samsa. The narrator is only able to share with the reader of the story the knowledge that Gregor possesses.

This viewpoint, while it does not allow the reader full access to all of the details of the characters, plot and setting, does not develop any type of irony. The viewpoint of the story changes at the end of the story as Gregor Samsa dies. The narration had to change because once Gregor died, the narrator was unable to reveal his thoughts and feelings. Thus, the narrator becomes total omniscient. The narrator is now able to reveal the thoughts of the entire Samsa family. For example, after the death of Gregor, the narrator reveals to the reader that the Samsa parents are looking forward to the day when they can find a husband for their daughter. This is something that could not have been revealed by the previous limited omniscient narrator.

The style of narration that was chosen by Franz...