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MEXICAN AMERICANS IN THE UNITED STATES Like everyone in the United States of America they had a dream for a better life. They also wanted the rights and freedoms of speech and a fair wage. Like everyone in America they were not born here, they moved from a land of hardships. These people were the people of Mexico. In this report I will tell you about how and why the people of Mexico are in the United States.

Mexican civilization started with Native American establishments such as the Aztecs and the Incas. These civilizations flourished for many years and had fine accomplishments such as great cities and art. Later as the race to create large colonial empires in Europe was created the Spanish sailed to North America and found the wonderful riches of the Aztecs. After seeing the Aztec's riches they were determined to conquer them and become rich.

In the year 1521 the Spaniards did conquer the Aztecs and turned the area of present day Mexico into their colonial empire. As stories of precious minerals from the north came to the notice of the Spanish they decided to conquer more land farther north. This was easy for the Spanish because Catholic missionaries had already established settlements in the northern territories. Later because of the harsh treatment of Mexico by Spain the Mexicans decided to declare independence. They eventually won independence from Spain. Meanwhile in the north more and more Americans from the United States were settling in the north. They revolted along with some of the Mexicans after Mexico tried to extend control over them. Eventually with the help of a United States army they won a war with Mexico. The Mexican citizens in the areas now know as Texas, California, and New Mexico had the choice of...