The Mexican Revolution

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During the government of Porfirio Diaz internal peace was established under his dictatorial rule and economic development started, foreign investment was encouraged with the aim of exploiting raw materials and promoting industrial development. However, the social unrest and the political opposition to the regime of Porfirio Diaz triggered the Mexican Revolution. Francisco I. Madero was elected as the new President but was assassinated in 1911. With his assassination the Mexican Revolution started. Various factions lead by Emiliano Zapata in the south, Francisco Villa in the north and others, took up arms against dictator Victoriano Huerta, who had ordered the murder of Madero and Vice President Pino Suarez.

Under the new leadership of Venustiano Carranza, the Constitution was approved in 1917, which was one of the most advanced of its time due to its high social content. Modern Mexico In 1929 former President General Plutarco Elias Calles created the National Revolutionary Party (PNR) which was restructured several times and became the Institutional Revolutionary Party in 1946.

In 1938 the President of the Republic, General Lazaro Cardenas restructured the party with the name Party of the Mexican Revolution (PRM) made up of four sections: workers, rural, popular and military. In 1946 the President Manuel Avila Camacho reorganised the party once again under the name of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which excluded the military section. Other relevant dates in contemporary history are the following:

In 1938 President Lazaro Cardenas declared the expropriation of oil companies and concessions ceased. In 1939 the National Action Party was created by Manuel Gomez Morin, at the present time the main political parties represented at Congress are: Institutional Revolutionary Party; National Action Party; Peoples' Socialist Party; Mexican Democratic Party; Revolutionary Democratic Party; The Cardenista Front Party for National Reconstruction; Authentic Party of the Mexican Revolution...