Is Mexico a paradise for tourists?

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Is Mexico a paradise for tourists o not?

Coral Vázquez Zepeda


Mexico has several characteristics that make it a paradise for tourists coming from all parts of the world, specially from cold climates. This country has beautiful places, from wet jungles, to dry deserts; the most visited places are the beaches such as Acapulco, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Los Cabos, among others, and the typical Mexican towns like San Miguel, Taxco, or Tequila. Mexico besides being beautiful and having a great climate,has also very nice persons that welcome foreigners, and a really delicious and spicy food, which varies a lot from state to state.

First of all, our country has usually a nice climate. The beaches are really warm and sunny most of the year, that is why in vacation periods hotels report almost full occupancy and you can see sometimes more foreigners, specially US citizens, than Mexicans in a hotel.

Mexico has a lot to offer to the whole family, the beaches have many restaurants, clubs, and activities that make tourists have a great time.

The Mexican Caribbean is one of our top tourism destination´s atrracting thousands of visitors each year, primarly a young crowd. Worlwide recognized for its white sand beaches and an amazing clear blue sea, offering visitors several optiosn to practice watersports such as scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing, as well as many other land activities for the whole family including shopping, dining and nightlife.

Not only the beaches are greatly visited, the city of Oaxaca was one of the favorites among foreigners because of all the flavors and colors it had, but the violence ended with the beauty and security of that place, as it is ending with Acapulco.

In towns such as San Miguel, you...