MGT 350 - Case Study - Let It Pour

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Case Study - Let It Pour

My First Assignment as an Executive Assistant

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MGT350/Critical Thinking Strategies in Decision-Making

July 1, 2005

Case Study - Let It Pour

My First Assignment as an Executive Assistant

Case Analysis

The motto of Faith Community hospital rings loud and clear: "With the foundation and commitment of our spiritual heritage and values, our mission is to promote the health and well-being of the people in the communities we serve through a comprehensive continuum of services provided in collaboration with the partners who share the same vision and values" [p. 1]. The problems that Chris Smith and her boss, Pat are faced with, however, do not align with the motto as it stands.

Faith Community Hospital is having several internal problems. There seems to be a communication disconnect in the interpretation of the mission statement by the hospital management and staff. Things are running rampant within the walls of the hospital.

In addition, the ethical practices and standards of the entire staff are being compromised. While certain medical professionals will provide care to any patient who walks in the door, there are others who will not even look at a patient until medical insurance coverage is confirmed. Also, the financial reports are showing high rising costs per patient that can eventually put this not-for-profit agency out of business if something is not done to rectify the problem immediately.

If things keep operating the way they have been, the hospital is looking at shutting down its doors. Coupled with the financial records, the disunity amongst the hospital staff is tarnishing the reputation and mission the hospital has worked so hard to achieve. Although there is one ultimate solution to solve each individual problem, there are several approaches that Chris and Pat can attempt to resolve...