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Problem Analysis

The problem is finding resolution to an unfavorable employee performance review. We will review the goals and objectives used to frame the problem, as well as how the effects of this problem influence the company. We will also examine the forces of influence, and different ways to establish a favorable outcome.

It was November of 2005 when the atmosphere in the office began to change. This was the beginning of personal and team performance evaluations to be conducted by the front-line manager. The team was nervous; moral seemed low, and the stress level was high. Our front-line manager became the most disliked person by some and very favorable by others. When someone would come out of his or her evaluation appraisal you could tell by the look on his or her face whether it was a good or bad review. I did not feel intimidated by the expressions because I felt my review would be a good one based on my excellent work performance.

During the review, my manager who had always been so nice seemed very quiet, distant, and preoccupied. My manager began by giving an overall statement on the process and stated she "worked hard on making the decision on compensation." Her statement made me anxious, and I asked myself, why was it such a hard decision for her to make? She gave excellent reviews on my work and how well I work with my fellow employees, and encouraged me to continue on the path I was going. Then she said, "unfortunately you are new to the team and your compensation will be lower than what I would normally get from my other unit." This is where the problem began.

Framing the Problem

While evaluating the problem, I realized there might be unknown factors, which influenced...