Of Mice And Men

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>Within the story Of Mice and Men, there are many different things that occur that make the conflict hard to get because it is very confusing. I believe that the main conflict in the story is Man vs. Himself. I say this because Lennie is always causing trouble, but he never seems to think that it is he because he doesn't know the kind of things that he can do.

> The main characters in the story are George and Lennie. The story is about the two men's adventures as they go along with the story. George is a migrant worker who travels a lot. He is a responsible and alert person because of him trying to take care of his friend Lennie. Lennie is George's childhood friend and is mentally challenged. He is very tall and pleased by the simplest things. The other characters in the story are Curley, Candy, Curley's wife, Crooks, Carlson, Slim, Whit, Aunt Clara, Al Whits, Andy Cushman, William Tenner, and the Boss.

> The novel starts of on a bus in which both Lennie and George are traveling on. After they get off the bus, they go into the woods trying to go a place where they can find some work. The time period is around the 1920s or 30s, during the Depression.

> The story is about two men who are going to California to start their new job. They are to work for a man named candy who is an old man that is somewhat of a bully. Lennie gets a dog from a man named Slim that he loves. He accidentally kills the dog when he was playing with it. When Curlyey's wife saw the dead dog, she mistakes it for her own. Lennie kills her by accident and hides out. George finds him at the place in the woods at the beginning of the story acting crazier than usual. George then kills Lennie, saying that it was in self-defense.

> The point of view of this story is told in third person omnisent. You get to know what everyone is talking about while they are talking and you get to know what the main character George is thinking about as the story unfolds.

> The tone of this story is kind of that of a somewhat serious nature. You find some sadness and pain in the story when George kills Lennie at the end. You don't get the feeling of that the author is trying to give any information in the story that will change the way that you think about something in the way of how people act and the mistakes that people make all the time, some more serious than others.

> The theme of this story is that people all over make mistakes in their life. Some are more serious than others in certain situations. Whatever you do in life, you must accept the rewards and the consequences of your actions.

> In the story, there is one major thing in this story that falls under the category of foreshadowing. This is that both George and Lennie are trying to imagine what exactly their new job is going to be about. They try to imagine the people, and the town that they are about to go in. This is the major thing that is on both of their minds as they are heading toward California.

> A flashback in the story is that when George tells Slim of his and Lennie's experience in their old town. He tells Slim about what Lennie did and why they had to leave because Lennie was charged of raping a girl.

> The style of this work is very direct. Steinback does not try and give the reader anything that does not concern a major part of the story. The style that he uses with the people is very conversational. The book contains many dialogues with all of the characters in the story.