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As a Great American Author, John Steinbeck wrote many novels, which reflect the different aspects of his life, such as working as a migrant worker, as well as having troubled relationships. This was an inspiration, which led him to write one of his most famous novels, Of Mice And Men.

Even though John Steinbeck's parents had prominent working positions, he still was not an outstanding student. In Salinas, California, John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902. His father, Oliver, managed a flourmill and became the treasurer of Monterey County. Steinbeck's mother taught in a one-room rural school. Throughout High School, Steinbeck was not an exceptional student, making mostly "B"�s. John Steinbeck was forced to work for his own money at an early age.

After high school, Steinbeck went on to face many other experiences, which would affect his writing career. John Steinbeck dropped out of Stanford University so that he would be able to earn enough money to support himself.

He had many interesting jobs. One of these was working in the barley fields, which gave him authentic material to use in his books like Of Mice And Men and Grapes of Wrath. By Working on a ranch, Steinbeck learned how others were treated and how tough a life on the ranch really was. John Steinbeck's life as a migrant worker taught him to feel compassion for people who were discriminated against for things such as social class status and race. John Steinbeck wrote his first book, Cup of Gold in Salinas California in 1929. He wrote most of his novels while working as a caretaker for a summer home in Lake Tahoe. He had many other interesting jobs, such as an apprentice painter, a surveyor, and many other things. The first book he wrote, that was worth anything, was Tortilla Flat.

Throughout John Steinbeck's life, he had many troubled relationships, which may have affected his writing career. In 1930, he met Edward Ricketts, a Marine Biologist and Philosopher, who became a lifetime friend to John Steinbeck. Ricketts went to the University of Chicago. "Ricketts provided the intellectual and emotional companionship Steinbeck needed"�(John Steinbeck p. 13). His philosophies affected Steinbeck's later novels. John Steinbeck married Carol Henning. A couple of years later, he divorced Henning, and moved back to New York City, where he got remarried to Gywn Conger, and had two sons. In 1948 he divorced Gywn. Soon after, John Steinbeck was remarried to Elaine Anderson Scott. This was John Steinbeck third marriage. In 1960, he toured America with his poodle named Charley. He recorded their travels in his novel, Travels With Charley.

There were several parallels between the life of John Steinbeck, and his novel, Of Mice And Men. The novel was set on a ranch in the Salinas Valley in California during the great depression. This is where Steinbeck spent a great part of his childhood. Also, the main character's best friend dies tragically, much like Steinbeck's. Both the characters and Steinbeck worked on a ranch to earn all of their money.

Of Mice And Men revolves around two friends George and Lenny. In Of Mice And Men, Lenny constantly causes problems for the two, not because he was trying to hurt George, or mess things up for them, but because he had a mental condition. Lenny tries so hard to do things right and to please George, but it is just too hard for him. George has taken care of Lenny since they were much younger. They have been fired from many jobs, but he perseveres and keeps helping Lenny. In the end, Lenny kills a young woman, by accident. The Young woman is the wife of the ranch owner's son. Lenny flees back to the river where George told him to go if there were any problems. George meets him there, and this leads to the books tragic ending. George tells Lenny how everything is going to be all right and that they are still going to have their farm, which George has promised to Lenny throughout the book. Immediately after telling this to Lenny, George shoots him in the back of the head, so that he will not have to suffer because of his mistake.

Throughout this book, there are many themes, which Steinbeck may have learned through past experiences. One theme in his book, Of Mice And Men, is Commitment. Throughout the story, George constantly shows his commitment to Lenny. He never gave up on Lenny. Like in Steinbeck's life, George loses his best friend tragically. The books tragic ending may have come from experiences like the tragic death of his best friend, Edward Ricketts. Lenny also demonstrates great commitment to George. Throughout the book, Lenny always cares about what George thinks and what he can do for George. Unfortunately, Lenny is usually not successful at helping George. Another theme in the book is mistreatment of people. In the novel, a black character was separated from the rest of the group, because of his race. Another character mistreated it the novel was Lenny. Lenny's mistreatment mostly comes from Curley, the ranch owner's son. Because of Curley's small stature, he was probably intimidated by Lenny and mistreated him as a result of this. During the novel, other characters were harassed by Curley. George and Lenny were created to portray victims of force beyond their control. John Steinbeck probably got many of his ideas for this while he was working on the farm.

John Steinbeck wrote one of his best selling books, Of Mice And Men after having faced many similar situations throughout his life. This was John Steinbeck's first book to bring him national recognition as a writer. It was elected fro the Book Of The Month Club before it was officially published on February 25, 1937, which brought 117,000 copy sells before its publication date. It was a best seller across the country. Also, It was made into a Broadway show on November 23,1937. This book was a key element in the writing career of John Steinbeck.