Mice and Men By John Stenbeck

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The Dangers of Friendship

Sometimes friends have to hurt friends in order to help them. This seems to be the theme of the book Of Mice and Men. Friendship is a rare thing between people in the 1930's. The companionship that George and Lennie shared was very special because of the trust and love they each had for each other. Though they both expressed it in very different ways they each truly loved each other as brothers. But as they both would soon learn -friendship can be rewarding as well as deadly.(88 words)

If it weren't for their shared dreams and their dependence on each other their friendship would never have survived. They both depended on each other for encouragement as they strove to achieve their far-fetched goals. Their shared dream of having a place that they could call their own was really the only thing they had in common.

George was a smart, sarcastic, short guy while Lennie was a big, clumsy child with obvious mental limitations. George made it his personal obligation to keep Lennie's life as normal as possible. But his constant sacrifices along with the knowledge of what a carefree lifestyle he could have without Lennie tagging along was consistently eating at his mind. This made him bitter and resentful towards Lennie. George often took for granted how much Lennie looked up to him and craved his approval. Lennie would always try to live up to George's unrealistically high standards for him with unreal determination. George could have been more receptive towards Lennie considering how hard Lennie always tried to please him.(173 words)

Keeping Lennie normal was too difficult a task to inflict on anyone. Lennie didn't have enough common sense to know to choose right over wrong. George had every right to get...