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What comes to mind when the word 'innocence' is brought up? Does it conjure images of carefree boys playing together in a game they concocted themselves? Would one think of best friends laying upon a beach and watching a sunset together, their hearts devoid of malice and ill intent?

Innocence what is the real meaning of Innocence? The denotation of innocence means freedom from sin, wrong, or guilt or simplicity. It can also mean lack of knowledge or understanding. The connotation of the word innocence is what we use today for the meaning, which is a person who is pure and has not sinned or done wrongful doings.

Innocence is such a precious gift. For those who do not know what exactly innocence is, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines innocence as, "freedom from guilt or sin through being unacquainted with evil." When do humans in general have little or no guilt and worries? In the days of our youth, everything is considered to be innocent, we don't know what's going on we just get off of everything because were younglings.

The world of childhood is protected from many of the problems of the world. The adult world is mentally, physically, and socially an adjustment that can be very difficult for some people. There is sometimes a reluctance to accept adulthood.

The term "innocent till proven guilty" is used a lot buy law enforcers its part of everyday life that we live. Innocence is the opposite of guilty obviously, and innocence is considered to be the good in us and that's true. We all are innocent until we tumble and become "bad", Or otherwise known as "guilty".

The Law Accepts as all as innocent, but why do we depend on the law to determine whose innocent or guilty? Would it consider the...