The Missing Pearl

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Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh was created by a well-to-do Pakistani immigrant couple. Saeed excelled in school and life during his early years in London. Doing well in school got him into the London School of Economics, where he proceeded to study statistics. Then things took a turn for the worse, Saeed decided to volunteer for a Muslim charity in Bosnia and ended up getting to sick to complete the trip. This illness held him back and so he decided to drop out of school. Soon after he dropped out of school, Saeed started training at an Afghanistan camp, which led him to join the militant group Harkat-ul-Ansar. His first use of his training came in 1994 when he kidnapped an American and three Western tourists. After taking them hostage, police got wind of his hideout and raided it. The hostages were unharmed, fortunately. Saeed was then sent to an Indian prison and after five years was released.

The reason he was released was because militants hi-jacked an Indian plane and in order to get their 155 passengers back the people of India had to release Saeed. Saeed then went and laid low in Pakistan, but was still involved in militant activity. Saeed had been able to stay out of the light until this past January. On January 23rd Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was abducted in Karachi, Pakistan. Saeed has since become the main suspect in the abduction. This case is yet to be solved.

I thoroughly enjoyed this article, due to the fact that I really haven't paid much attention to this story. I hope the authorities are right in believing that Saeed is their guy and if not I hope they can apprehend whoever did it as quick as possible. I also hope that Mr.