MKT421 Marketing Plan for Amazon

Essay by westdivo December 2009

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AbstractThe Kindle is a wireless reading device that differentiates itself by offering customers 2 fast download times, portability, wireless connections, and larger storage capacity. The Kindle is perhaps an archetype of the next generation of devices. New products are emerging to compete with the Kindle. It will be up to Amazon to make the most of their time as the leader in the industry.

Marketing Plan for Inc. and their Kindle Amazon has been successful as the quintessential e-retailer and a multibillion-dollar company by emphasizing growth as opposed to making money (Frey & Cook, 2004). Amazon was the first in the technical and e-retailing industry to offer an electronic reading device dedicated solely to that function the Kindle. As the product goes through the life cycle, Amazon must handle competition to its Kindle by being sensitive to customer demands. Marketing strategies must position and differentiate the Kindle to stand out amidst competing products.

The Kindle is a wireless reading device that was introduced to the market in 2007. It is portable and readily accesses the net free of charge from anywhere ( 2008). The Kindle is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry, and has a keyboard that is easy to operate. The weight of the Kindle is less than 11 ounces, does not require a computer to download material and supports both external and internal methods for storage. One can store up to 200 books on the device. The range of reading materials available for the Kindle includes books, magazines, popular newspapers (domestic and international), dictionaries and obtainable blogs (, 2008).

The Kindle also makes available personal files with the capabilities of sending and receiving e-mail, pictures, documents and transfer via USB (Universal Serial Bus) accompanied with an option of audio books to accommodate the visually...