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Macquarie University Café Initiative Report 2014

Charlo Maniacup Ι Lisa Vuong Ι Ryan Maher Ι Teresa Sant Ι Joy Cheng Ng

Executive Summary

This report focused on the Macquarie university new café initiative and what motivating factors and influences needed to be addressed when opening a new café. The main research question being what is the motivating factors that influence students' food purchase decision when at university. Through our qualitative and quantitative research, we will be able to find out how to open the best café possible, through our key constructs of price, quality, convenience, variety and their overall satisfaction with the current campus food outlets. The qualitative, the in-depth interviews and focus groups results will provide us with the insight into what are the motivating factors that come into place when buying food. While the quantitative, the questionnaire results will show us the statistical trends and provided answer to which factors are most important and how we and meet the students' needs and expectations.

Our population of interest is all students at Macquarie University who are on campus during the day and evening especially those students who need to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner while on campus. We chose non-probability sampling frame where we approached participants was a one on one and offered lollies to entice them to complete the survey, we were able to get 103 responses. Through the results of the questionnaire we will be able to identify what motivating factors in our key constructs are most essential to students when deciding where and what to eat.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 Current Knowledge

1.3 Knowledge Gap

2. Method

2.1 Qualitative Research Method

2.2 Quantitative Research Method

3. Qualitative Research

3.1 Method

3.2 Results

3.3 Conclusion

4. Quantitative Research

4.1 Key...