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Generic Inventory

What follows is a generic inventory. This is a starting point for you to prepare an inventory of your own property. The point of this exercise is to ensure you catalogue everything that you control which could be of value to a potential sponsor. You will probably not use all or even most of these items but it creates a menu from which to develop customised proposals for your potential sponsors.

The types of benefits that are most valuable to smart sponsors who take a best-practice approach to connecting with their target markets-the blue-chip benefits that create win-win-win sponsorships-are marked with an asterisk (*). This is not to say that the other benefits should be ignored or minimised, but that you should endeavour to include at least some blue-chip benefits in every proposal.

Don't know how to create a strong proposal? You might want to get a copy of The Sponsorship Seeker's Toolkit Third Edition , which has a proposal template in the book and on the accompanying disk.

Your assignment: Go through this list and cross out anything that you absolutely cannot deliver. Add anything that comes to mind that isn't listed. The goal is to end up with a list around the same length as this.

Sponsorship types

Naming rights sponsorship (perceived 'ownership' of the event)

Presenting sponsorship

Naming rights or presenting sponsorship of a section, area, entry or team

Naming rights or presenting sponsorship of a day, weekend or week at the event

Naming rights or presenting sponsorship of an event-driven award, trophy or scholarship

Naming rights or presenting sponsorship of a related or subordinated event

Major sponsorship

Supporting sponsorship

Official product status

Preferred supplier status.





Category exclusivity among sponsors at or below a given level

Category exclusivity among sponsors at...