Moby Dick

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The story begins with the narrator Ishmael who is tired of his same old routine of life. Ishmael decides to go out to sea and search for some excitement. Ishmael talks about how he never goes to sea as a passenger or a captain, but a simple sailor. He talks about how honorable he feels being the one helping the passengers, while he is getting paid, and how much better it is to get paid to clean up a little bit out one the sea rather then paying to go out.

When Ishmael sets off to find an adventure he stops to rest at New Bedford at a place called "The Spouter Inn". Ishmael wakes and starts to walk around New Bedford and think about some things he was going to do. As Ishmael is walking around he walks into a chapel where sailors and their wives were mourning of lost sailors in the sea.

When Ishmael gets back to the Spouter Inn, his roommate Queequeg tells him he wants to go with Ishmael. Ishmael and Queequeg then go on a ship to Nantucket, and when they get there they must convince the captains of the voyage to let Quequeg on board. They finally convince the captain that Queequeg is a minister for a church that many Christians go to and the captain accepts him on board. As they left there Inn at dawn and where boarding the boat a mysterious man stops them and tells them that they are in danger and there is trouble ahead.

Several weeks after there ship the Pequod leaves Nantucket they start to head south towards warmer weather. Only when the weather got warmer Ishmael first saw the captain Ahab standing on a balcony. After a few more weeks Ahab called all the...