Modern Family and Christian Values

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Steven Kendrick

Dr. Summerlin

Rhetoric and Research

30 October 2014

Modern Family and Christian Values

A twelve-year-old boy named Justin was watching Modern Family one night on television. He knew that this was risky because his mother did not approve of this show. She thought the show was nothing but filth. Justin was growing up in a strict southern Baptist household. For his mother, this was only family tradition. Her values were instilled in her by her parents and every generation those values were passed on. She grew up understanding that divorce sent a person straight to hell, and she was also raised to despise gay people. Justin knew that this was what his mom believed, and he thought this way of life was the correct way of thinking. A family with this core value of belief would not approve of the show Modern Family. Even though Justin knew he should not be watching it, he loved it.

It was funny, witty, and had great character development. His favorite part was how at the end of every episode a character would say a few sentences that were basically the theme of the episode. While these sentences did not have a Christian root, they were still good life values that every Christian should instill each other and adopt into their lives.

Justin's favorite episode was aired on this particular night. As always the episode was about three different life struggles that all came together in the end. One of the main characters ended the episode with the following quote: "I've always seen life like a series of doors. Sometimes you get to choose the door you go through, sometimes you don't get that choice, but you still got to walk through it. So, you can either go kicking and screaming...