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ENGL 150

March 20, 2012

Art throughout the Years

Many, if not all artists grow up in different cities and cultures; even in different centuries. Sarah Grant and Christian Petersen were born 68 years apart from each other. Because the two artists grew up in such different time periods, the styles of their artwork different time periods, the styles of their artwork differ vastly. The simple fact that each artist lived many years apart influenced the meanings behind their art. However, their artwork here at Iowa State influences each student that passes by everyday. Their art is well known across campus.

The art done by Sarah Grant is located in a great place to show off its color. The work Sticks is located in the Hixson Lied. Her art would be categorized as modern art. The Hixson is a great location for a piece that stands for creativity. The colors and texture used in this piece bring it to life, making it stand out.

The contrasting elements of the dark wood in the building and the light and bright colors in the art draw immediately attention. Sticks is made of 80 wooden panels that give the viewer a lot to look at. Each viewer that walks past can interpret these panels differently. Not one panel of the 80 is the alike. The variety of each panel makes the art more interesting to the viewer. It offers more variety and more color to intrigue the eye. With a wide variety of colors and textures, the art has the viewer's full attention. Furthermore, the influence of color in each panel causes the figure to seem life-like. For example, in one of the panels there is a pig. Sarah Grant used many different shades of pink, displaying shades and shadows that bring the...