Mom: The Constant Good in My Life

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If there is one constant in this world, it would surely be my Mother, and the role she had played in my life, mothers give love and punishment. Indeed, everything that lives had one at one time but none as great as the one I call mom. The fear of an African American Mother is held at a high regard by everyone including God. Perhaps it is the correlation of death with pain or the unknown that is in the human consciousness of an African American mom that let you know that your mother has the power to kill you at any given time if you do not obey house rules. Maybe a combination of both love and fear, that creates this fear that let you know that you should never have a girl over in your bedroom as a teenager. The fear felt is undoubtedly universal for all young males in African American home; however, the ways in which it is dealt with are varied and diverse between the Caucasian Mother and the African one.

The concept of how human mortality is dealt with is dependent upon one's society or culture in their home. For me it is the society that has great impact on the individual's beliefs of how I see all other women because of how my mother has influenced my life. Hence, it is also possible for other cultures to be influence by the African American mom, people of a different culture on such comprehensions see us going to church and at the grocery store as young teenage male and we don't move (it is fear). I look back now and laugh at how my mom has been so strong, fearful, but yet done so much for me, no matter what I did in my...