A Monarchy is forever.

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(I did not write this but feel it should be an addition to this website.)

A monarch, as the living symbol of the nation, is more easy to identify with than a constitution or ideology.

The dignity and prestige of a monarch enhances the status of a nation.A monarch stands above politics, not owing allegiance to any political party or group and not beholden to any business interest which might fund a presidential campaign.

A monarch is able to unite a nation by representing all races, creeds, classes and political beliefs, because a monarch does not have to curry favour for votes from any section of the community.A monarch is almost invariably more popular than an Executive President, who can be elected by less than 50% of the electorate and may therefore represent less than half of the people. A monarch is trained from birth for the position of Head of State.

The people know who will succeed, and this certainty gives a nation invaluable continuity and stability.

Elected presidents are concerned more with their own political futures and power, and as we have seen (in Brazil for example), may use their temporary tenure to enrich themselves. Monarchs are not subject to the influences which corrupt short-term presidents. A monarch looks back on centuries of history and forward to the well-being of the entire nation under his heir. Elected presidents in their nature devote much energy to undoing the achievements of their predecessors and setting traps for their successors. With monarchs it is the reverse: they build on the achievements of their forebears in order to strengthen the position of their successors.

A long-reigning monarch can put enormous experience at the disposal of transient political leaders. Since succeeding her father in 1952 Queen Elizabeth has had a...