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Section A10

Chapter 10- Civil Liberties in Time of War: The Case of Clement Vallndigham

During time of war one's freedom is somewhat limited for the benefit of the nation as a whole. What people may not realize is when they exercise their freedoms in a certain way the may not realize that it is actually harming their homeland. For example, when someone exercises his or her freedom of speech that speaks out against his or her government it stirs up propaganda. During the time of the Civil War the United States were in a very hostile situation where one wrong move could be the absolute downfall of the nation as a whole. With the threat of disunion knocking on the door President Abraham Lincoln could not allow for any more enemies to increase the chances of disunion and for the case of Clement Vallandigham, he was a perfect example of how the rights of citizens sometimes are limited during wartime for the preservation of the nation.

Clement Vallandigham was speaking out against the North stating he would support the South once he had moved there. He says in an excerpt of his speech to the House of Representatives in 1859 "When I emigrate to the South, take up my abode there, identify myself with her interests, holding slaves or holding none; then, and not till then, will I have a right, and will it be my duty, and no doubt my pleasure to maintain and support Southern principles and Southern institutions."(271) Here he is saying that although he has not yet arrived in the


South or even has an understanding of what it stands for, he is still ready and willing to go against the North in support of the South. Vllandigham is using his...