Most Desirable Region to Live in

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Essay: Most Desirable Region to Live in

The most desirable place for me to live in is, the Gulf Coastal Plains. The reasons why I chose this region is because of the great location, abundant natrual resources, and the warm climate.

The natrual resources are oil, rich soil, fishing, and natrual gas. The soil is very good for the crops. Farmers are busy planting rice, maize, and several types of grains. Cotton is grown in this eastern part of the Gulf Coastal Plains. Cattle raising plays a very important role in this part of Texas. Many of the people living here, rely on fishing as a important source of income. The fisherman also sell shrimps and oysters. Restraunts are known for the best seafood.

Oil is drilled daily offshore. I love living in Texas. The Gulf Coastal Plains, South Texas Plains, Post Oak Belt and Blackland Prairie are wonderful areas to live in.

The Gulf Coastal Texas Plains is great because of it's major cities. Houston, Corpus Christi, Beaumont, Galveston, and Port Arthur are popular for tourist. The ports in these cities are kept busy as farm and factory products pass through. The oil-refining industry in Texas is very productive. Chemicals and petroleum products are made here. Beaumont and Port Arthur to Houston is where the oil-refining industry is most productive.

San Antonio is among the South Texas Plains. Here the land is low and level. Ranchers are found in South Texas. San Antonio is the largest city in the South Plains. The subregion of Texas from San Antonio to the Red River is the Post Oak Belt. It has sandy, and black soil. The land here is mostly flat. The trees that dominate this part post oaks, live oak, elms, pines, and hickories. Prairies and grasslands cover...