What was the most significant improvement for black people by 1965?

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In this essay I will explain the greatest political, economical and social changes for black people by 1965. These individuals faced numerous amounts of problems before all these changes occurred. This was a consequence of racial prejudice and segregation, which is of the worst kind. This all happened in recent times and in 'civilised' society. Furthermore, the pre-1965 discrimination is a root of racism today.

African-Americans faced difficulties in society because of racial separation. I will describe what changed and why it was significant in three parts but first I will focus on the problems.

Politically, there were countless drawbacks. For instance, blacks could not vote and therefore could not make any changes in the political and ideological systems. This meant that they were in a vicious circle where if nothing changed it would mean the same, terrible treatment and no voting, so there would still be no change.

Moreover, there were no black politicians in the government or in the main parties. However, people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela strived to change the public's hearts and minds.

'By the 1960s, the figure for the black unemployment rate was twice as high as that for whites'. This is an example of how bad the economy was in relation to the coloured people. As well as unemployment, the black population had to put up with the worst jobs as well as very little payThe social problems were also a big difficulty in that period of time as blacks and whites were separated. Thus, whites did not mix with blacks and so consequently they were still treated as second class citizens. They were separated in schools, shops/restaurants, buses, toilets and even water fountains, alongside much more. The whole concept of society is to do with one's life and...