The Mothers Struggle- From Everydau Use By Alice Walker

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The Mother's Struggle As her black big boned body stares in awe at her burning house her daughters burned skin sticks to her like glue. This horrific thought comes back to the mother every time she looks at Maggie. In the story "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker the mother was a poor mother by being negligent to her younger daughter Maggie for most of her life. The mother was a bad mother because she paid all her attention to Dee and ignored Maggie. This all changed when she stood up to Dee.

The mother always let her older daughter Dee get whatever she wanted. Dee always wanted what her single mother could not afford. Dee knew that her mother was poor and still demanded bright beautiful dresses. "Dee wanted nice things" (Walker, 92). She was so selfish that she even changed her name. The mother lets Dee control her life.

While fulfilling Dee's every demand, the mother ignored her younger daughter Maggie. Maggie always demanded attention from her mother but never got what she deserved. She often felt left out.

Maggie will be nervous until after her sister goes: she will stand hopelessly in corners, homely and ashamed of the burn scars down her arms and legs, eying her sister with a mixture of envy and awe. She thinks her sister has held life always in the palm of one hand, that "no" is a word the world never learned to say to her. Walker, 90 This shows how Maggie feels about he sister, how she always gets what she wants. The mother ignored Maggie's demands and paid attention to only Dee.

The mother ignored Maggie whole life, giving in to Dee's every demand until Dee came back from collage to visit. When she came back to visit her mother...