Motivation for overseas travel

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"Motivation for overseas travel by residents of Lismore"


Tourism is an enormous industry and is now regarded as the largest item of world trade, accounting for more than 12% of the world's GDP and employ approximately 200 million people (XXXX). The gradual increase of world tourism indicates that people are now more willing to travel further from home for a longer period of time. In order to understand the element that really motivates people to travel, it is important to consider those factors that influence demand. Demand for tourism would appear to be affected by many economic, sociological and psychological factors and the compact interrelationships between them. The concept of tourism demand can be simplified, however, by placing the conditions necessary for travel to be encouraged into either of two groups: (1) Travel Motivators and (2) Travel Facilitators (French et al.

1995, p.29).

Travel motivations have their roots in psychological and sociological factors that are difficult to analyse, especially on a mass scale. Yet, to market travel services and destinations effectively, travel sellers and supplier must understand the motivating factors that lead to travel decision (Gee, Makens and Choy 1997, p.44). There are various factors that motivate people to travel. Perhaps the most significant motivators are business, education, health, religion, politics and personal emergencies. An individual's desire to travel may be stimulated by different motivators at different levels. McIntosh and Goeldner (1990, p. 132) noted that one's travel motivation has a close relationship with that individual's gender, age and education level. Moreover, an individual's culture, background and characteristic also have significant effects on one's decision to travel overseas. Australians have always been keen overseas travellers partly because of their adventurous nature, partly because of the overseas origins of many Australian...