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Merger's, Inc. has now moved to the phase of incorporation. The members of both companies are now going to be set up accordingly to their assigned department. The manager of the department was handed the description of the seven members, which will be referred as the merger team, from the acquiring company that are going to be included in our department. In their efforts to maintain the transition process as smooth as possible, management decided to conduct a work motivation survey to the merger team. Management will then use the gathered data to analyze and understand what motivates the merger team. The analysis will help management understand the needs of the merger team and it will also help in preparing for possible conflicts.

After analyzing the data from the work motivation surveys, management decided that the merger team fell under the factors explained in two motivational theories. The first theory is the Two Factor Theory.

The Two Factor theory is one of the early theories of motivation, and was proposed by Frederick Herzberg. In his theory, Herzberg suggests that there are two factors that motivate people in their jobs. These two factors are: a) Hygiene and b) Motivator. The Hygiene factors affect job dissatisfaction and are mentioned as being: qualities of supervision, pay, company, policies, physical working conditions, relations with others, and job security. The Motivator factors affect job satisfaction and are regarded as: promotional opportunities, opportunities for personal growth, recognition, responsibility, and achievement. The merger team reflected a high correlation with the Motivator factors of the theory. The need for recognition and personal achievement were leading factors in motivation for the merger team. The members of this new team are motivated by the need to get public recognition and belong to organizations. They are content to work...