Mountains Beyond Mountains

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I feel variety of different emotions after reading Tracy Kidder's book "Mountains beyond mountains." Fortunately, most of my feelings are positive, encouraging and reinstating hope in humanity. In fact, Dr. Paul Farmer's favorite motto he believed in stronger than anyone I have ever met stating that "the only real nation is humanity" is echoed through his entire life and he lives by it entirely. I'm impressed by his enormous passion, overwhelming enthusiasm to help the poor and meticulous implementation of public health mission into real life. I also found his dedication heartwarming and wonder, how many more Paul Farmers the world needs to be a better place for all nations, regardless of differences.

While talking about public health in class, we touched on variety of intriguing issues. One of them that stands out to me is the model of ideal primary care. I think that Farmer would be able to execute this model flawlessly if he had necessary facilities, equipment and personnel.

He certainly created a place the sick could come and be examined meaning, they would have an entry point that allows them to see a doctor, often for the first time in their lives and most importantly for free. Next, he would diagnose a patient and despite countless material limitation administer a proper treatment. At first, an amount of drugs he could offer was minimal, but through expanding his health care efforts and foundation work, he started to receive more medications. Also, he was the type of clinician that inform his patients of a decision he made on their behalf and since people trusted him, they never questioned his medical judgment. Another step in ideal primary care is a coordinated effort to send a patient to a specialist if necessary. This task was almost impossible to execute...