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Emily Whitworth

Movie Analysis

Monday, September 15

The movie I picked to watch for this analysis was Soul man with C. Thomas Howell as the main character. A quick review of the movie is that a young teenage boy Mark, finds out that his parents have just decided that he is going to be paying his own college tuition to Harvard. In an effort to figure out ways to pay his tuition he decides to pose as a young black male in effort to receive full college tuition. Throughout the movie there are various stereotypes against black people like they are always up to trouble, they are good at sports, or they receive money just because they are black. As good as this movie was it depicted the views of interracial relationships during this time and how badly they were frowned upon also. The relevant scene I chose to write about for this movie was the scene when Mark and his friend chose to go play basketball and once everyone saw that Mark was black they immediately wanted him on there team.

But quickly everyone realized that Mark wasn't a good player at all and everyone was stunned because a black person wasn't good at basketball. This phenomenon shows how people making certain judgments about people of different race and how not every stereotype is true.

What social psychological principle goes along with this movie? Stereotype goes along with the idea of prejudice and discrimination. Our perception of a certain group is called a stereotype. This is the positive or negative belief that we hold about the characteristics of social groups. In addition to stereotypes, we can also develop prejudices. This is a negative attitude towards a group or towards members of that group. This is what this movie...