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The poster of the Avengers

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Yue Yu (Jasmine)

Kat Gonso

ENGW 1102

October 5, 2013

Review of the Avengers: Numerous Figures but Distinct Characters

Last weekend, my 14-year-old cousin asked me to recommend an exciting movie for him.

And the first movie I remember is the Avengers. The Avengers is one of my favorite one in so

many science fiction movies. And I have no doubt that it received a warm welcome in a large

amount of fans, which include fans of MARVEL comics and

moviegoers of MARVEL movie series. As far as I think, the movie

attract me most is that many of audiences' familiar heroes would get

together in this film and show their own talents and charms. After

watching the movie, I would like to say that although there are

numerous figures in the movie, but they all have distinctive

personalities. And also, it will be great helpful for audiences to

realize characteristics of main characters, so that they would enjoy

the movie better.

This movie mainly tells a story about Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America,

Hulk and Hawkeye and other super heroes, they get together and form a strong team called

"Avengers". They punish guilty and support goodness together, and fight for peace. In this movie,

the action is fast and furious, and relationships are complex. Also, the whole film is full of

suspense and innovative. It is a movie which has stimulated not only my but also many other

Tony Stark in the Avengers

Yu 2

fans' appetite before it came out. Come back to so many heroes, I would like to introduce some

of them.

Among these heroes, first of all, I prefer to introduce Iron man, Tony Stark, who is my

favorite character in...