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American Pie, 1999, Paul Weitz; Eddie Thomas as Paul Finch, Seann Scott as Steve Stiffler, Jason Biggs as Jim Levinstein, and Chris Klein as Chris Ostreicher.

In the movie American Pie, four teenage boys enter a pact to lose their virginity by prom night . In American society, sex plays a great role on teenagers, and it can have a negative or positive effect. In American Pie, the sociological concepts of virginity and penis size were a major factor in the lives of the main characters. Virginity is a factor because many young adults are ashamed that they are still virgins, and as a result, do not want to graduate from high school as a virgin. In addition, the American society determines whether a man is masculine or feminine, depending on the penis size of an individual.

All of the main characters in the movie were all virgins and felt an enormous amount of pressure to loose their virginity before graduating high school.

According to the Journal of Sex Research, many students feel embarrassed by their lack of sexual experience. Virginity may be a more sensitive issue for men than women. A double standard regarding sexual behavior exists, so the sexually inexperienced male is often the victim of jokes. In one scene in American Pie, Jim recorded himself with a sexually experienced European girl using a web cam. His inexperience led him to premature ejaculation, and as a consequence, was made the laughing stock of his school for many of his peers saw the video feed.

In American society, the size of a penis determines the masculinity or femininity of a man. In a scene of American Pie, Paul Fitch paid off a girl to spread rumors that he has a huge penis. Moreover, almost every girl wanted to...