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George Wallace: The Movie

The movie George Wallace took me into the life of Mr. Wallace and let me see in many different aspects. He was the governor of Alabama. A four time candidate for president, a loving husband and father, as well as a pro-segregationist. From the beginning to the end it shows how George becomes lost but then towards the end of his governing he finds himself and realizes his wrong doings and give much apology.

In the beginning Wallace ran for governor of Alabama and lost due to his opponent Patterson who had the backing of the Ku Klux Klan, which Wallace had spoken out against. Then he later ran again, but this time as a pro segregationist with his speech, "Segregation now!, segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever!" He felt he needed the vote of the majority, and the majority of the people were the whites.

Wallace was elected governor of Alabama in a victory. He began to speak out and say that there shouldn't be social and economic mixes of races.

An event that will be remembered in Wallace's history is when he makes his "stand in the schoolhouse door." Two black students, James Wood and Vivian Malone were legally enrolled into the University of Alabama. Wallace blocked the doorway so the students could enter and said he would not allow this to go on. President Kennedy ordered that Wallace step down and let the students in. This making George Wallace look like a fool for being ordered by the president on what to do.

George Wallace was indeed a bad governor. He wasn't for black voting. States laws made it difficult for blacks to vote. More than 25,000 people marched from Selma to Montgomery to ask Wallace to let blacks vote. Wallace...