Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice And Benedick

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In the comedy Much Ado about Nothing, Shakespeare illustrates Beatrice and Benedick's change of character lead them to love. To pick which couple's relationship was the most successful would be quite simple. I felt that both were doomed at the beginning. Whether its because the relationship is based on appearance and impressions rather than a true love and friendship or based upon extreme openness and stubborn mindedness which you see neither is beneficial for and positive or "successful" relationship. Both of these two couples seemed to be doomed, but because Benedick and Beatrice had a change of character they were brought to a happy and healthy relationship.

Beatrice and Benedick are both very strong-minded people and open in their opinions. The quarrel a lot in the book, but it's over rather harmless things and is almost kind of flirty. I think they both truly respect each other's wit and mind which is more than I can say for innocent Claudio and Hero who marry because of beauty and profit.

Because they love each other for such a positive reason I do feel that we could give them a chance. By being open in opinions you know they will have an honest relationship, which is truly a good thing.

The thing that does fear me though is the fact that they are so stubborn, and not afraid to speak they're mind. This can be a good and a bad thing although there would be no secrets or withheld feelings between the two because there would come out and say it if there were and problems. It can be used negatively as well. Too much honesty can hurt. Especially if for example they were fighting which is natural for any relationship I could see them both saying things...