"Much Ado about nothing" by William Shakespeare, A character anaysis

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Much Ado about Nothing- Character Analysis

In Much Ado about Nothing, by William Shakespeare most of the characters had interesting relationships with each other. The play revolves around attempts and complications in finding love. Hero and Claudio fall deeply in love, while Benedick and Beatrice hated each other, which lead to them falling in love as well. Claudio is a flawed lover though, as he is gullible and suspicious by nature. Hero has a passive and submissive character throughout the play, which is the opposite of her cousin Beatrice who is cynical and feisty. Benedick and Beatrice have very similar characters, which make them sick of each other, yet it is also their similarities that bring them together.

Hero has a charming, graceful, timid character. She does not seem to be headstrong at all. Even when she is asked by her father whether or not she would consent to Claudio's proposal, she responds, "Father, as it please you".

She does not make any decisions on her own, yet rather lets her father make the decisions for her. Hero is periodically victimized in the play, without ever expressing emotions of rage or anger towards the injustices brought about on her. She is even forgiving of Claudio to the extent of telling him not to apologize for what he's said and thought about her. Even though her reputation was at stake, and he accused her of being unfaithful, she still forgave him unconditionally, while her cousin Beatrice did not mince her words towards Claudio to defend Hero. She displays a lack of dignity, a common characteristic of a woman during the Elizabethan times. She is a perfect example of gracious purity as she is kind-hearted and forgiving.

Claudio is introduced as a valiant young soldier in the beginning of the...