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Out in the Back of the Store

Lia's Story

"Lia, I'm going to smoke outside, is that ok with you?" Vicky shouted to me from the backroom of Baskin-Robbins.

"Yeah, sure." I replied with apparent annoyance, glancing nervously at the expanding line of customers.

It is hard for me not to hold grudge against Victoria: she has arrived to work for merely five minutes, which she devotedly spent giggling into the phone. Just when I thought she is done, she claims that needs to go chain-smoke in the back of the store - without even considering helping out her hectic co-worker.

"Oh, well, maybe it is all for the better. She can't do anything other than making a big mess anyways." I comforted myself, digging my resentful scooper deep into the tank of ice cream. From the other side of the counter, some little kids are shouting a million flavors of ice cream at once; I bent my upper body deeper into the freezer, wishing to bury myself into the "German Chocolate Cake" in front of me.

"Miss? Hello? Miss?" A heavily accented voice forced me to temporarily excuse myself from the freezer.

"Yes, Ma'am?" I leaned forward.

"Is Victoria here?" The middle-aged European lady questioned, her tone stern.

"Huh?" My mouth dropped open, rather taken aback by this unexpected question. After gaping at this unpleasant visitor for a few seconds, it suddenly occurred to me that this fuming woman in front of me might be Victoria's mother.

"She is out in the back of the store." I smiled.

It is time for Victoria to learn a lesson.

Victoria's Story

1:30, it is time for me to go to work. Usually, I hated work, but today, I am grateful for it. I have gotten myself into a fight with mom...