Multiple Personality Disorder in the movie "Identity"

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"Jesus Christ, what in the fuck did you do to my face? Where the fuck is my face" (Identity) the main actor in the movie Identity by Columbia Pictures presenting a Konrad Pictures production a film by James Mangold. and shows his discomfort and his misunderstanding of what is going in his life when he is face to face with many lawyers and a judge; along with the Doctors trying to convince them that this man is not the killer of the people, but instead that was just one of his identities that should no longer exist. Unknowingly, the Edward (the main actor) is having a had time understanding why when he looks into a mirror he doesn't see his face but instead he sees the face of the murdered. He soon comes to realized that he is that just a of many of this mans identities. The term Dissociative Identity Disorder is being used rather than the more well known term, Multiple Personality Disorder because it was said to a misleading term.

This disorder is nothing to be over looked as a mere problem in the brain; instead, it is a very complex problem that is not easily treated. To have a complete understand of Dissocialiative Identity Disorder, and to understand the steps to getting this disorder; moreover, the treatments, are all the main concepts that should be fully understood.

To understand DID to it's fullest, one must look at all the different aspects. The definition of Dissociative Identity Disorder is defined as "a mental process, which produces a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, acions, or sens of identity" ( For a well rounded understanding, some of the symptoms of DID are as followed: depression, mood swing, suicidal tendencies, sleep disorders, panic attacks and phobias,