Was the murder of JFK a conspiricy?

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In the beginning the public, news and media thought the warren report was a true account to what happen at the JFK assassination. But by the mid-1960's people began to doubt the warren commissions findings. An opinion poll taken in 1967 discovered that two-thirds of the American people now doubted the warren commissions conclusions. In 1976, an enquiry made on behalf of Senate Intelligence Committee showed that the CIA and FBI may not have thought of all the possible conspiracies. The same year the H.S.C.A was made to investigate more. The report was released by the end of March 1979, the report was very different from the warren report in many ways. The biggest conclusion was that Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.

Conspiracy theories:

These are a list of theories which the H.S.C.A believed could have led to the presidents death.

The "Right Wing Plot" Theory: The assassination was planned by right wing political activists who had the support of rich businessmen who had strong conservative views.

The killing of the president was carried out with the help of the Dallas police force who where able to frame Lee Harvey Oswald instead of them.

The "American Intelligence plot" Theory: The assassination was planned by members of the FBI and CIA. Lee Harvey Oswald was a low level agent for one of them.

The "Russian Communist plot" Theory: The assassination was planned by the KGB in the Soviet Union. The assassination was organized be communist agents working for Russia. It involved Lee Harvey Oswald who may have been trained as an assassin in Russia.

The "Pro-Castro Plot" Theory: The assassination was planned by Cuban intelligence officers who worked for Fidel Carstro. The assassination was carried out by American supporters of Castro and communist agents, ike...