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Music 129 Personal Essay         Humans are the only species in the animal kingdom bestowed with speech and language as a means to communicate/share their emotions and ideas with one another. It goes to the credit of human ingenuity that early man could listen to and copy/mimic the sounds of birds and animals around him only to attract them and kill for food. Out of habit grew various sounds that conveyed a particular message or emotion and evolved into several languages scattered across the globe. The development of music based on seven basic notes (Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni in Indian music) all over the world is something very intersting and amusing. Human feelings like happiness, sorrow, rage, cruelty, compassion, valor, romance, fear and tranquility could be conveyed through language using music as a medium set in tunes appropriate to the mood. Thus evolved an art form that was to surpass all forms of human experience and directly relate nature and god with soul.

It was to become an all pervading element in this life, nay, the very soul and purpose of human endevour to achieve the noblest of noble.

        Bangalore city (India), where I was born into a Hindu family, is known as the citedel of art, culture, literature, science and technology. It has an excellent climate throughout the year (65o - 95o F) with several gardens and open spaces adorning it. The people are mild mannered, aesthetic and helpful in their attitudes. Naturally, over the last century, the city attracted hordes of men and women of letters, science, music and dance to settle down and make it a pleasent experience. All Hindu festivals are celebrated with music and dance round the year with gusto. Singing hymns and songs in praise of Hindu gods is a daily ritual. The...