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As I sit in my room, I feel as though I could sit and watch the green apple records label spin forever. I’m utterly transfixed by a twelve inch piece of black vinyl spinning at 33 and one third revolutions per minute. The rhythm section hijacks time and space. Duos like McCartney and Starr, Wright and Morello, Jones and Bonham make clocks obsolete. Time is measured by their signature, their every whim. Sitting here, my ears being assaulted, I can’t help but think that whatever I put in this paper is unfair. Unfair not only to me, but to the many artists that I enjoy. Deciding upon only a few favorite artists is a no win situation, it’s tantamount to naming your favorite child. The included artists can’t in good conscience be labeled as my top favorites, they are merely random examples of my eclectic musical tastes.

        The Beatles. If music were a monetary system, The Beatles would be the gold standard.

It’s a distinctive feeling, the weight of gold. Nothing else can compare to it. Everywhere in the world, gold is known and revered. And so it is with the Beatles. The Beatles changed Rock and Roll. They became the gold standard in Rock. Ushering in a whole new era, in which groups wrote and performed their own original music. One of the most amazing things about the Beatles is solidity of their body of work. They’re one of few bands that were simultaneously the most popular, while being the best at what they did. The Beatles are great anytime music, because of the range of emotions in their music. From upbeat straight-up rock, to melancholy ballads, they had it all. The Beatles are one of those select groups that can literally change your life. Their music can shake...