Music Therapy

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British Literature

Mrs. Beer

May 24, 2012

Music Therapy

Senator Henry Reid once said, "Simply put, music can heal people." Music therapy is a treatment used to help deal with different kinds of physical diseases and issues that come with them. This creative and recent treatment is helpful for patients in coping with pain physically and emotionally.

Music therapy is a used to help people with physical issues as well as mental issues. Music therapists are trained to help patients cope with any kind of physiological or physical problem they have through music (interventions). Some of the things music therapists do is sing to their patients, compose songs with their patients, and play certain types of music to help them cope with whatever issue they have. Music therapy also helps bring people with similar situations together and cope with their illness or disorder together. For example, Jazz music was created by people who were in tough situations to help them cope with their conditions (dimensions).

There are music therapists all over the world who help improve the physical and mental situations of those in need, and have proved that music is very effective with these patients (interventions).

Music can help with pain management in several ways. It distracts the listener from pain and anxiety from his illness with calming music, and has a positive effect on his mood as well. Because of how music distracts patients from their pain, it also gives them a sense of control over their life (terminally ill). Because of music's rhythm, it can level out a person's breathing and body tension to be smoother and more simultaneous. Music can also relax muscle tension and help a patient concentrate on positive things rather than the negatives that pain and illness bring with it (interventions).