My American Dream

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Wyatt Stucke

My American Dream

October 18, 2012

I believe the American dream can have two sides. One applies to those who find themselves migrating to our country as immigrants seeking a better life or a modified version of their old one. Secondly the version that applies to those who were born and raised in America and are seeking success and self-fulfillment. I obviously apply only to the latter of the two and so here is my American dream.

A dream can easily get confused with wants and desires. This makes it important to find a goal that is achievable and strive for it, otherwise you'll fall and fail. It is also beneficial to have a strong foundation to start on, like a good home or strong mind. When we are young we can have hundreds of aspirations before finally settling on one. Mine alone have included fire fighter, cowboy, country music star, lawyer, and I even wanted to be a professional chef at a five star restaurant for a few years.

All of these were marked by phases and interests in my life that came about and then slowly transitioned into the next one. As I matured and started to realize how the world worked and what was really possible and where my true interests lie, I found some things I enjoy and would like to pursue.

My Plan:

After high school I would like to go to a college close to home but not too close. I have looked intensely at Penn State University and studied what they have to offer. Some of which includes one of the top ten ranked architecture programs in the country and top twenty in the world. I think it's safe to say I am really interested in architecture. So as of now...