"My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

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In the video "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Toula's family acknowledges her individualism. We begin the video in the restaurant Dancing Zorba's, where Toula works with her family. Her father Gus owns the restaurant. Toula is a woman who is lost in life, and feels that she will never be anything more than a waitress at the family restaurant. Toula's parents are upset that she is not married like her sister. Gus tells her, "Greek women marry Greek men, and make Greek babies."

One day, two men eat at the restaurant, and when Toula sees one of them she experiences love at first sight. The man that she noticed is Ian Miller, a handsome middle-aged teacher. She hides from him in the restaurant, then decides to go to college so she can work at her family's travel agency. She also undergoes a complete makeover, and is given some self-esteem. After graduating from college she begins working at the travel agency, and is very happy with the new job.

One sunny day at the agency, Toula looks out the window and who does she see standing there? Ian Miller, and she also notices that he is checking her out. They finally meet in person and after their first words to each other they have fallen in love. After a week or two of seeing each other, Toula's family finds out about Ian. This information outrages them. Why? Ian is not a Greek man. Gus and his wife begin to bring other Greek men for dinner, and to marry Toula.

After some time, Toula's family finally lets it go. Later one night, Ian asks Toula to marry him, and, of course, she says yes. The only problem remaining is the subject of Ian being Greek. Through an act of love, Ian gets...