My Classification of Movies that I have Seen in Last Year

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Movies are made almost everyday, but only some make it to excessive fame. Sometimes the trick maybe, a good script, producers, and directors, better quality sounds and picture and having right people for the roles. Although whether a movie makes it to the top or not depends largely on the fact how appealing it is to the viewer. To achieve this it should either be of relevance to the viewer or it should intrude upon our inner most interests. Based on this assumption I classify the movies I have seen as better, good, bad and worse.

As some of the very best movies I might mention "Oceans Eleven", "Bedazzled" and "Saving Private Ryan". "Oceans Eleven" is action filled, suspenseful and a happening, Bedazzled is a lighthearted comedy and Saving Private Ryan is an epic war story. In Oceans Eleven, the story evolves around Danny Ocean, who comes up with a plan for the most elaborate casino heist in the history, of 150 million from a Las Vegas casino.

To everyone’s amazement he comes up with the plan a day within his release from a New Jersey penitentiary, with a hand picked group of eleven people. Oceans Eleven features the most brilliant cast I have ever seen, which includes George Cloony, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia and Julia Roberts. Saving Private Ryan is a Second World War related story. In it a squadron of soldiers are sent behind enemy lines to rescue the last son, Private James Ryan, of a devastated mother, who already had lost three sons in the war. Bourne Identity, Meet The Parents, Johnny English, Courage under fire and U571 are only a few that I would add to the category of better films in my opinion.

My big fat Greek Wedding, Sweet Home Alabama, How to...