My Contribution to Diversity on Campus

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After my parents divorced, my mother and I moved to the United States to ensure that I would receive an excellent education. Just three years old, I didn't realize the future challenges and rewards of being raised in an immigrant, single-parent household. Without a formal education, my mother worked full-time as a waitress to pay for our food and rent. Home alone, I became proficient at making meals and cleaning the house. Although our life was difficult, we were blessed with the love and support from our family in China and our own close-knit relationship.

I studied diligently and excelled in school, despite our limited resources. Although my initial efforts were to express gratitude to my mother for her sacrifices, I enjoyed learning and became especially interested in the social sciences. At a young age, I felt empowered by my understanding of society and my own socio-economic situation. During difficult times, I asked my mother, “Why did we leave China and come to the United States?” She answered, “Because there is freedom here.”

After many years, I ultimately realized that freedom enabled social mobility and the fulfillment of my dreams. My mother grew up in China during the Great Cultural Revolution and was denied the privilege of a good education. Here in the United States, she knew that I could overcome poverty by working hard. What a incredible gift! Despite my lack of materials goods, my childhood taught me invaluable life lessons. I appreciate the fruit of my hard work and the little things that most people take for granted, such as good food and a comfortable couch. I devour information and good books, which aren't readily available in most other countries. But I most value my mother, whose sacrifices will provide me will a happier and more fulfilling future than...