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Analysis of J. Sainsbury's:

Sales, Growth, Profitability And Market Position

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A supermarket means a large retail market that sells food and other household goods and that is usually operated on a self-service basis ( J Sainsbury's is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom with 17.7% share of the UK grocery supermarket sector. J Sainsbury's was established in 1869 by John James Sainsbury and his wife Mary Ann Sainsbury at Drury Lane in London ( In 1922, Sainsbury became the first self-service retailing in the UK (Wikipedia). Tesco and Asda are the biggest competitors of Sainsbury's. Despite of the competition, Sainsbury overtook Asda and become second largest supermarket chain in January 2014 (The Telegraph). A wide range of quality food and grocery products are sold by the supermarkets.

Sainsbury is recognized not only in the grocery supermarket sector but also for the banking sector, property market, energy industry, petrol stations, pharmacies, entertainment and telecommunication sector. Sainsbury's is wellknown for its quality food at reasonable prices. Sainsbury's slogan is "Live Well For Less" ( In large factory outlets, Sainsbury's also have sections for homeware products, electrical equipments and clothing sections. Sainsbury's vision is to be the most trusted retailer where people love to work and shop ( Sainsbury deals 23 million customers a week. Each week Sainsbury gets 1,65,000 online grocery orders from click and collect service and earn around £800 million annual turnover. Sainsbury put the customers at the heart of everything they do aiming to make the lives easier (CEO-Justin King). Fresh food remains central to Sainsbury's business and its success. Sainsbury's employs over 1,57,000 people from different...