My first day at high school

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On Wednesday the 28th of January I was up at about 4:00am spewing up ewwwww!!!

It was horrible I had to go back to sleep for an hour or two and woke up at about 6:00am. I was a little sleepy but I was okay. I had two pieces of toast and I was on my way.

Later that morning I arrived at school and we had our assembly where we listened to our principal and some other teachers who gave speeches. When they were finished they announced and separated us into our home class. When we were in our groups and aware of our home class and teachers name we headed off to our designated room.

While we where in our home class our teacher Mr Sharman handed out our orientation booklets and we did some activities and filled out our timetable. Later the bell sounded for recess and it played silent night.

It was so cool compared to our Primary school bell as that just went ding,ding,ding.

After recess the bell went for class and we went to peer support groups and at first we where all silent. Our leaders were trying to get us to make conversation and it was scary as we did not know anybody there. Saved by the musical bell we went to have lunch where I met up with my friends Melissa, Ashliegh, Christina and my best friend Cara.

A long hot day had past with no air-conditioning in the classrooms it was finally time to go home to my glorious air-conditioned home. Ahhhh! Home sweet home