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My Great Uncle Louis Robichaud was born to a large Acadian family. His education was in a one-room schoolhouse On June 27, 1960, he became the province's first-elected Acadian premier during a provincial depression, for a decade he pushed for progress like no other before him.

Honorable Louis Joseph Robichaud was born to Amédée and Eugénie "Annie" Robichaud on October 21, 1925, in the village of Saint-Antoine, New Brunswick. At the age of 15, he left home to study for a career in the Church. After his third year at the school, he decided instead to pursue a political career. He graduated in 1947 from Sacré-Coeur University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and went on to study economics and political science at Laval University he later then became a lawyer.

He was very ambition to become Premier. He even signed his contribution to his graduating class time capsule "Louis J.

Robichaud, Premier of New Brunswick". At the age of 27, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly in the provincial election held in 1952. He was re-elected in 1956 and, from 1957 to 1958, he served in the prestigious position of Financial Critic for the opposition.

In 1958, he was elected Leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick. In the following election he achieved his goal of being Premier of New Brunswick. July 12, 1960, he was sworn in as Premier. He held on to that position that position until 1965. His government made some controversial moves. He mover the power from the county boards, (which are a lot like municipalities,) and centralized the power in the provincial government. This combined with the Quebec question lead to a lot of friction between the French and English. Industrialist K.C. Irving and Louis Robichaud, though appearing civil in reports were...