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In taking the four learning profile tests, I found that they were accurate in describing my peak learning times, how I tackle new topics, how I most enjoy learning new topics, and what my strongest intelligences are. Now that I have armed myself with this knowledge, it will help me to learn new subjects, as well as make these subjects more enjoyable.

The first test that I took was Your Peak and Valley Learning Times (Gross, 1999, p. 48-87). As I expected, the results showed that my peak learning times are in the afternoon and at night. These are the times when I can best concentrate and when my brain is the most absorbent. Knowing this, it would be in my best interest to make a conscious effort to learn during these times. The test also uncovered that my worst learning times are in the morning and soon after I wake up.

I find that when I try to study during these times it is difficult for me to concentrate on, or even remember, what it is that I am trying to learn. In the future, I will avoid studying in the morning and shortly after I wake up. For my self-directed learning project, I will allow myself plenty of time to wake up in the morning and let my brain stretch. Instead, I will wait until the afternoon before I tackle learning.

The second test that I took was, Do You Learn Bottom up or Top Down (Gross, 1999, p. 87-92). I only answered A to one of the ten questions, meaning that I am a stringer. As a stringer, I prefer to have a foundation upon which to build. I do not like to gain deeper knowledge of a subject without first knowing the details. Once I have...